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Electric Heating allows great design flexibility.

 A “dry” electric radiator or storage heater system allows the user to control each heating zone separately either locally from each heater, centrally from a local programmer or remotely via the internet. This means that heat can be applied wherever and whenever in the building it is required rather than heating every room as a standard “wet” system does. There is no pipework to worry about so installation costs are minimal.

An electric boiler will power a “wet” central heating system (radiators, underfloor heating) but won’t need a flue meaning it doesn’t have to go on an outside wall and can be sited anywhere. The electric boiler can be controlled centrally from within the building or remotely via the internet. The electric boiler is very efficient and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of an air or ground source heat pump. Installation is generally clean, quick and painless.

For the luxury house or commercial retail building, the Unico system is a super efficient airborne heating and ventilation system , a real alternative to central radiators and underfloor heating. With Unico System offering heat distribution from small ceiling ducts, floor space is completely utilised, you don’t have to worry about siting radiators. Unlike underfloor heating, the system is immediately responsive and can be used to introduce fresh air into the property as well as provide summer cooling if required

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