CPK7210 Flat Plate Solar Collector

The CPK7210 Flat panel collector is one of the most efficient collectors in the world with an optical efficiency of 81.8%. One of the unique features of the CPK7210 is that the collector is extruded from a single aluminium sheet thus removing the need for welds, joints or glueing at the corners
Other features
  • Glass is a special tempered solar glass
  • Absorber is constructed from a single sheet of Tinox selective absorber coating.
  • Heat transfer pipes behind the absorber are ultrasonically welded along the entire length to ensure optimal heat transfer. 
  • 50mm of mineral wool insulation.
 Technical Specification

CPK7210 Flat Panel

Outer Dimensions           


Height                                                                          (mm) 2038
Width                                                                           (mm) 1039
Depth                                                                           (mm) 98
Weight                                                                          (Kg)


Gross Collector Area                                                  (m2) 2.11
Aperture Area                                                              (m2) 1.88
Max operating pressure                                             (bar) 10
Stagnation temperature                                              (C) 216
Angle of inclination permitted 15 to 75Degrees
Performance date
Zero-loss collector efficiency                                    (no) 74.1%
Collector heat loss coefficient, a1                         (w/m2K) 3.705
Collector performance ratio, a2                            (w/m2k2) 0.015
Absorption >95%
Emission <5%
Annual energy yield                                               (kwh/m2) 525

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