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The Energy Company Obligation scheme is a government initiative to reduce fuel poverty in the UK. 

Under the scheme, the large energy suppliers are obligated to provide funding for energy efficient measures to be carried out in low income and vulnerable households (the "affordable warmth group).

The latest stage of ECO is "Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO)" which promotes improvements to home heating including the FREE replacement of Storage Heaters.

Who Qualifies

  • Homeowner - must be on a qualifying benefit
  • People in private rented accommodation - permission needed first from landlord
  • *(Council properties not applicable in current scheme)

* People may qualify for Free Storage Heaters if they receive certain state benefits and have faulty storage heaters in their home. List of applicable benefits can found on Ofgem website

Process to determine funding for Storage Heaters

  • Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) will assess the property
  • DEA will calculate life time energy savings (LTS) of the property
  • Percentage calculated e.g. £40,000 LTS @ 10p* in the pound = £4,000 available to replace storage heater and cover labour
  • * Percentage of money differs between managing agents and energy suppliers.

Heaters Applicable

ADL classified as fan assisted storage heater - SAP 0.4 code 404

ECOMBI classified as integrated direct acting storage heater - SAP 0.6 code 408

ECOMBIHHR classified as high, heat retention storage heater, the highest category that can be installed SAP 0.8 code 409



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