ADL Storage Heater (Dynamic)

Storage heater (dynamic) is designed to charge during off-peak Economy 7 tariff periods and release the heat over the course of the next day and night. Unlike a “static” storage heater which releases heat continuously, the ADL is fan assisted offering the user an option to deciding when and how heat is released.

ADL Storage Heater (Dynamic) stores heat in high density ceramic bricks and releases hot air by controlled convection using a silent fan which circulates air inside the bricks and releases it into the room through a grille at the bottom of the unit. Controlled convection allows the user flexibility to manage the temperature of the room and the heat release times.

These types of storage heaters are ideal for temperate, cold and very cold climate zones as the user can enjoy a pleasant, warm feeling of comfort all day. As they charge during “off-peak” periods, the user can claim the use of permanent heat for the lowest cost.

The units are controlled via a wired programmable room thermostat CTP10 or on a wired non programmable control thermostat TA4D

With quick and easy installation into old buildings and new, the prospect of expensive alterations and refurbishment cost is minimised. With no regular maintenance or annual service required, the savings over time compared to say a gas central heating system is considerable.

Technical Features

  • Designed to use off-peak electricity
  • Efficient solution to obtain constant heat when required over 24 hour period
  • Low speed silent fan
  • Hot air/fresh air mixer with thermostat for a homogenous air output
  • Precise control over the released heat
  • Charging thermostat with sensor tube
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset
  • Class 1 insulation
  • Connection in 1 or 3 phases
  • Microtherm G 25mm insulation
  • Vermiculite and ceramic fibre insulations
  • Front and side air chambers
  • Powder coated RAL 9010 steel structure
  • It works with ambient thermostats TA4D, CTP10, available as accessory
  • Manufacturer : Gabarron
  • Warranty : 5 years
Why Electric Heating?

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