Storage Heater - Auto with booster heater

Storage heater (static-auto-combined) is designed to charge on off-peak Economy 7 tariff and release stored heat into the building over the following day/night. However, the unit also contains an integral convector heater which will run on the standard tariff should additional heating be required as back up. For example, if the stored heat becomes fully depleted, the convector heater will energise to maintain heat levels if required.

The heaters gently release heat by natural convection as air passes across the heat store (high density ceramic blocks inside the unit). Each unit comes with an integral thermostat which activates a damper to close the heat flap when temperature is reached.

The unit is an ideal choice for single rooms requiring constant background heat with little temperature control needed.

Thanks to charging on the off-peak Economy 7 tariff, it is relatively cheap to run and easy to install and maintain. There are no major building works, fuel tanks or water borne services to worry about and no regular maintenance or expensive servicing.

Technical Features

  • Automatic storage heater with integral convector heater
  • Independent thermostatic control convector
  • Designed to use off-peak electricity
  • Grille painted in a heat resistant colour
  • Automatic damper control
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset
  • Class 1 Insulation
  • Charging thermostat with dual sensor
  • Microtherm G 10mm insulation  vermiculite and ecological fibre
  • Side,front and rear air chambers
  • High density storage blocks
  • Robust plastic fittings
  • Powder coated RAL 9010 steel structure
  • Manufacturer - Gabarron
Why Electric Heating?

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