Electric Radiator - Wifi/Internet Control

Electric Radiator - Wifi/Internet Control is a new technology with G Control integration enabling users to access and control heating from any mobile device with an internet connection

With G Control downloaded via a free APP, you can access each of the radiators installed in your property and control their operation instantly.

The radiator has been designed using components of the highest quality with high precision thermostats, curved lines and no thermal fluid. G Control will allow the user access to heating settings, raising or lowering temperature set points and control of electricity consumption from any location. In addition, the system gives access to historical consumption data for each of the radiators and a power meter that records electrical consumption of the entire property. Thus the user is in a position to make informed decisions on how to prioritise the use of electrical appliances against the backdrop of accurate, real time, electrical usage data.

With full wifi/internet control, you will able to access your heating from any mobile device, tablet or PC.

Technical Features

  • Backlit LCD display in green
  • Daily and individual programmer
  • 3 level temperature selector; comfort, economy and frost protection
  • System G integrated control for configuration and remote control of the transmitter via the internet
  • Digital temperature selector with set point temperature vision
  • Possibility of keyboard lock
  • Safety thermal limiter
  • Adjustable digital thermometer
  • Open window detection
  • Outputs for 500 to 2000w
  • Curved aluminium alloy design elements with epoxy finish RAL 9010
  • Possibility to configure the system in manual or automatic mode according to preferences
  • Supplied with a 1.2 meter cable and plug
  • Switchboard G Control Hub offered as accessory for the control and management of the transmitter via WIFI
  • Power Meter G Control offered as an accessory for the control and management of the electrical consumption of the house.
  • Manufacturer : Gabarron
  • Warranty : 10 years body (5 years electronics)
Why Electric Heating?


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