Storage Heater (High Heat Retention, Smart Control)

Storage heater (high retention-smart control) is a "smart" combined economy 7 storage heater with the capacity to manage heat output according to changes in weather and climate on a day to day basis making it exceptionally efficient. In addition, the heater can also store much more energy within it's heat retaining structure than a standard storage heater meaning it relies less on back up heating. With an integral fan, heat distribution is quickened to provide faster warm up times.

This radiator is fully compliant with SAP specification criteria for High Heat Retention Storage Heater and is the highest scoring product within the Storage Heater category on the Affordable Warmth, Eco Scheme.

Technical Features

  • High heat retension storage heater
  • IEM technology, the intelligent way to manage the charge and discharge
  • Weekly and daily programming
  • 3 levels of temperature : comfort, economy and frost protection
  • High quality insulation materials with low thermal conductivity
  • Double high heat retention materials in all sides of the storage heater
  • Temperature sensor with calibration option
  • Overheating protection at storage heating
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset
  • Class 1 insulation
  • Storage heating elements made of stainless steel
  • Front side and rear air isolating chambers
  • Storage core made of a specially designed material for ECOHHR
  • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010
  • Robust thermoplastic fittings
  • Easy to install on any kind of wall
  • Very intuitive keyboard with lock option
  • Compatible with two-period off peak electricity tariff in a single 24 hour interval
  • Manufacturer : Gabarron
  • Warranty : 12 years
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