Electric System Boiler

The MAS15 Electric System Boiler is the only unit on the market capable of regulating energy consumption according to the real heating requirements of the system. This feature of dynamic modulation has resulted in increased efficiency through reduced power consumption and longer boiler life.

The modulating feature of Electric System Boiler is managed by a Smart Electronic Modulating system (SEM) which regulates consumption according to real demand. It applies TRIAC technology combined with an external chrono-thermostat to continuously adapt the heating capacity to the heating needs of the building, thus achieving high efficiency and energy cost savings.

The Boiler is designed to work as either a “heat only” generator and is ideal for use with “water borne” radiators and underfloor heating. It can also supply the necessary domestic hot water via an indirect cylinder using “S” or “Y” plan configurations. Furthermore, it can be used in larger installations (several boilers in parallel) or as back up to renewable energy systems.

The Boiler not emit gasses or direct pollution when in operation. There is no combustion and therefore no risks of fire or gas leakage.

It comes fitted with all components necessary to operate the unit. Only requirements are water inlets and outlets, an electrical mains supply and an external ambient thermostat connected to the electronic card to trigger modulation.

The boiler can be installed onto single or three phase electricity supplies, up to 12kw single phase, 15kw three phases.

Electric System Boiler can be used with room or programmable thermostats and do not require yearly maintenance or service…….refer to thermostat options in accessories section.

Technical Features

  • Heating Modulation
  • Automatic Heating Regulation
  • Easy Installation
  • Compatible with Underfloor Heating
  • Legionella Protection
  • Frost Mode Protection
  • Digital Display
  • Building Regs G3 Compliant
  • ErP Compliant
  • Manufacturer : Gabarron
  • Warranty : 2 years

 Why Electric Heating?


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