Electric Radiator with Single Room Control

Electric Radiator with Single Room Control is a thermal intertia radiator that does not use thermal fluid. Instead, it transfers heat based on a primary core and secondary heat amplifier.

The high quality aluminium elements design allows a natural convection of air through the radiator providing perfect heat distribution, radiation and thermal inertia that ensures low running costs.

The main advantage of this radiator is the Electronic Triac Control Optimiser (ETCO) which manages and restricts the flow of electricity, plus a highly accurate ambient thermostat (+/-0.1°C precision) which provides highly sensitive temperature control and guarantees low consumption.

The patented and uniquely designed wall fixing brackets allow the radiator to be installed and levelled in only 5 minutes.

The unit offers a perfect individualised central heating and programmable switch on timer and temperature set up for each room. Hour by hour and day by day functions can be set up on Comfort, Eco and Frost Protection modes.

No maintenance is required as there are no boilers or pipes involved. This also means no breakdowns due to lime accumulation and no water damage/loss caused by leaks or faulty welding.

Technical Features

  • Flat Lockable keyboard for easy cleaning
  • Built in electronic ambient thermostat +/-1C
  • Adjustable digital thermostat
  • Three level mode temperature sensor : comfort, economy and frost protection
  • Digital display for clock, selected temperature, weekly and daily programming
  • Electronic Triac Control Optimiser ETCO
  • Thermal safety cut out
  • On/Off switch built in to front fascia
  • Ratings from 500w to 2000w
  • Steel body with extruded aluminium front and upper panel finished in epoxy powder coating RAL 9010
  • Fitted with mains cable.
  • Patented wall fixing brackets for easy DIY installation
  • Compatible with our wireless window contact energy saver (offered as accessory).
  • Manufacturer : Gabarron
  • Warranty : 10 years body (5 years electronics)
Why Electric Heating?

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