MCS Umbrella Scheme


 Driven by building regs and the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant scheme, the heat pump industry is enjoying a boom period.

However, it is also highly regulated with strict adherence to MCS standards a pre-requisite to access RHI grant money. As a consequence, many MCS registered installers are large organisations with smaller installers frozen out.

For this reason, we run an MCS umbrella scheme for the benefit of registered gas installers who do not hold the MCS accreditation.

Under our scheme, we will deal with the entire paperwork, compliance and certification process to ensure your clients are entitled to claim their RHI grant.

MCS Umbrella Scheme Details - CLICK HERE

Domestic RHI Eligibility Document - CLICK HERE

Non-Domestic RHI Eligibility Document - CLICK HERE



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