Midea Super Slim Round Flow Cassette

Standard Features
  • 360 deg air flow panel
  • Anti-cold air function
  • Refrigerant leakage detect
  • Emergency using function
  • Reserved on/off port
  • Error alarm port
  • Turbo mode
  • Built in drain pump
  • Auto restart function
  • Louvre position memory
  • Low ambient cooling
  • Twin Combination
  • Super slim design


360 deg air flow panel

With the 360 deg air flow panel the room can be distributed to every corner of the room
Reserved ON/OFF and  Alarm Ports

ON/OFF Switch -  With reserved ports, a remote switch can be easliy connected to an external remote control. 
ALARM PORT - The built in PCB can output an alarm signal which makes setting up external alarm light or vibration gauge possible.

Independent Vane Control

The direction of each vane can be set independently by using the wired controller.

Twin Combination

The units can be installed as twin systems; one outdoor unit can be connected with two same indoor units. 

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