Solar Pv Financials (in brief) - 2.85Kw

Future Proofing Energy Costs.

Your solar pv system has a life span of at least 30 years and in that time, all electricity generated from it will be FREE for you to use. The Government run Feed-In-Tariff will also guarantee to pay you a sum of money for all of the electricity you generate for 25 years and will index link it to inflation. Therefore, your solar pv system will provide you with financial protection against rising energy prices and inflation for many years to come.

Bespoke Performance Report

Prior to Solar Installation, we will produce for you a financial report based on the estimated performance of your PV system over 25 years taking into account individual property factors such as location, roof orientation and shading.

Example : Based on 2.85kw system producing 2565Kwh in first year

Financial Benefit in Year 1

Estimated Annual Electricity SAVED using Solar PV : 2565kwh x £0.14 = £359
Estimated Feed-In-Tariff Payment                         : 2565kwh x £0.0407  = £105
Estimated Benefit ( Year 1 )                                                                         £464

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