Storage Heater - Size Calculator

The table below shows which storage heaters in kWatts is best suited for the area you are looking to heat. All you need is the floor area and outside wall length to calculate size of storage heater required. Over 1.50 kW and you may need two storage heaters.

The table above shows recommended figures that will help to calculate the power requirement in kWatts to install Storage Heaters in the UK and Ireland.

To calculate the theoretical heat loss in a room it is necessary to match the room floor area with the total length of outside walls of this room. The storage heater should be installed with the power immediately above the theoretical power obtained.

In bedrooms and kitchens it is possible to reduce the theoretical power required by 20%. But in the same way, all rooms located in a top floor would be recommended to increase the theoretical power by 20% too.

These figures have been developed to get a comfort temperature of 21ºC.

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