Unico System


The Unico System provides a discreet, quiet, energy efficient alternative to radiator, underfloor heating and ventilation systems in residential and commercial buildings.

The system is extremely unobtrusive, the only visible elements being small circular or linear outlets through which conditioned air is supplied into the room. All other components of the system are hidden in walls, ceilings and roof spaces avoiding conflict with room aesthetics.

At the same time, the innovative design of the system ensures very even, draught-free temperature distribution throughout the space, with all of the controls you expect from a modern comfort system.

How it works

A central air handling unit controls the distribution of heated or cooled air including tempered fresh air if required. The conditioned air passes through insulated, low profile ductwork to small discreet outlets in the conditioned space. The energy source is typically a boiler or heat pump.

Conditioned air enters the space through very small jets mixing with the room air at the outlet with minimal noticeable air movement. This entrainment of room air results in very even temperature distribution and compares favourably with radiators and underfloor heating.

The system can be designed with outlets blowing down or horizontally from high level, or even at floor level blowing upwards, with no discernible difference in heating or cooling performance. 

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