Vision Low Temperature Hot Water with Air Con

 Here are some of the features of the Vision LTHW with Air Con

Can be connected to existing "wet" radiator system run off a boiler. It will act as a standard radiator during the winter heating season and provide air conditioning in the summer months.

Condenser-Less Heating & Air Conditioning
The Vision requires no external condenser saving costs on installation and maintaining aesthetic appearance of the building. Instead, the Vision uses 162mm twin duct and 14mm condensate pipe which minimises impact on the building exterior in line with many building regulations, especially those concerning listed buildings.

Self Opening Grills 
The Vision has self opening grills which fold open whilst in operation and close when the unit turns off. The grills are activated by air entering or exiting the building. For larger order quantities, outside grilles can be painted to match the colour of the building exterior.

Application Flexibility
Installation is simple and you only need standard core bit to make 2 x 162mm holes in external wall. The Vision can be installed on any external wall, either at a high or low position....apart from the drill bit, all that is required for installation is in the box.

No F-Gas Certificate Required
In addition to cost savings benefits of installation, the Vision requires no F-Gas registered personnel to install the unit. The unit can be installed by any competent person and will save yet further money on installation.

Zero Downtime During Installation
The simplicity of installing Vision means each unit can be installed quickly with no room downtime. Especially beneficial to hotels as there is no disruption to normal service and no loss of revenue.

Complete Control
In addition to remote control, the built in touch screen allows users to select each mode including a "lock" position to avoid improper use. When not required, "heating" mode can be deactivated so that the unit operates in "cooling only" mode. 

More Silent than a Library
The Vision Inverter operates at 27dB(a) which is perfect for a good night's sleep.

Installation Flexibility
The Vision can be installed either at high or low level depending on space restrictions. The louvred grille can direct airflow downwards if installed at high level or around the room at low level.

Efficient Performance
The Vision boasts an impressive 3.28 COP when in heating mode and a 3.22EER when in cooling mode, giving it an "A+" energy efficiency classification, the best in category for installed monobloc heating/cooling units.

Retrofit Installation
The Vision can be fitted into many applications where there is a current air conditioning or heating system. With no requirement for external condenser or extensive pipework, upgrading to the Vision is a simple matter.


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