Why Electric Heating?




New materials and latest control technology has revolutionised the efficiency of electric heating systems to such an extent that annual running costs are now comparable with rival fuels but with considerable advantages including:-

  • Clean fuel
  • Zero on-site combustion
  • No chimneys or flues
  • Heaters can be sited anywhere
  • Completely safe – No servicing
  • No landlord certificates
  • Intelligent controls and “Smart” technology, very efficient
  • Low Capital Investment
  • Perfect for off-gas grid applications

At Electric Heat Warehouse, we are aware that there are several variables to take into account when assessing which electric heating solution provides best fit for any given application, such as :- 
  • Degree of building insulation
  • Local weather conditions
  • Existing heating/hot water installations
  • The purpose of heating (24 hours or just a few hours a day)
  • Budget
  • Personal tastes and preferences
For this reason, we offer a range of electric heating products adapted to meet the needs of most if not all applications i.e:-
  • Storage Heaters ( keeping your space warm 24 hrs at low cost)
  • Electric Radiators ( allow total control of temperature & consumption)
  • Convector Heaters (low cost supplementary heating)
  • Radiant Heaters (different kind of heat )
  • Stone Heaters (aesthetically pleasing back up heating)
  • Electric Boilers (bolt on to "wet radiator systems)
  • Electric Towel Rails (perfect for heating/drying)
  • Water Boilers (where tea and coffee is always ready on demand)
  • Instant water heaters (for all types of applicatios)
  • Air / Ground source heat pumps (renewable heating)
  • Air to Air split systems (where heating and/or cooling is required)
  • Unico System (superb alternative to radiators/underfloor heating)
With "best in class"  products from Ieading manufacturers,  we are in position to help you choose the right system for your needs.

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