Ecodan Monobloc Heat Pump with PRE-PLUMBED Slimline Cylinder


EHPT15X-UKHLCW / PUHZ-W50VHA2 - 332690

Pack Includes:
  • Ecodan Monobloc Heat Pump
  • EHP Pre-Plumbed Slimline Cylinder
  • Magnetic & cyclonic filter
  • G3 kit
  • Connection pipes
  • Flow temperature controller (FTC5) with main controller and temp sensors
  • Pumps and valves for zone 1 and DHW use
  • Flow sensor
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Scale trap
  • 3kw immersion heater
  • Expansion vessel

Technical Information Heat Pump (CLICK HERE)

Technical Information Cylinder (CLICK HERE)

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