YUTAKI-M MONOBLOC ASHP Packs - 7.5 to 16kw


HPK1 - 7.5kw

YUTAKI-M Monobloc heat pump pack comprising:
  • 1 x Yutaki-M Monobloc Air to Water heat pump 7.5kw to 16kw with built in shunt pump, expansion vessel and strainer
  • 1 x Unit main controller
  • 1 x Pair of pre-insulated flexible hose kit
  • 1 x Pack of anti-vibration feet

Domestic Hot water Options

For domestic hot water, please CLICK below for Cylinder and Buffer options. You will also need 1 x 3-Way motorised valve and a temperature sensor each for the cylinder and buffer (if required).

Other Accessory Options

 Further Information

Hitachi Specification Click Here

Yutaki-M Schematic (Typcial)

Yutaki-M  Power Output (kw) at different Outdoor Temps

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