K-Rad Kompact - Type 33

Electric Heat Warehouse


  • Type 33 triple convector

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Standard "wet" radiator outputs are rated against high boiler flow temperature (70C) as opposed to low temperature heat pumps. Therefore, in order to correct the anomaly, it is important to increase the size of a standard radiator for use with a heat pump.Typical oversize factors assuming insulation to current building regs and heat pump flow temperature as follows:-
  • 50 degrees = x 2.4 oversize*
  • 45 degrees = x 3.1 oversize*
  • 40 degrees = x 4.3 oversize*
  • 35 degrees = x 6.8 oversize*

For example if a room heat loss is measured at 1.5kw and the flow temperature delivered by the heat pump is 45 degrees, you would need a radiator rated at an output of 1.5kw x 3.1 = 4.65kw .

If you need any help selecting an appropriately sized radiator please call us on 0330 2232604

* MCS Heat Emitter Guide

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