SmartRad is specifically designed to work with low water temperature heat pumps and provides a valid, cost effective alternative to underfloor heating without the constraints of having to oversize standard radiators.
  • Cost effective practical alternative to underfloor heating
  • Much more energy efficient than standard radiators
  • Compact design 
  • Choice of white metal or white glass finish
  • Designed for low water temperature operation
    • Optimises heat pump COP
    • Reduces heat pump running costs
    • Reduces heat pump CO2 emissions
  • Ultra low water content means:
    • Low thermal mass
    • Better response
    • Faster heat up
    • Improved efficiency through energy wastage
    • Two times faster room heat up time
  • 40% less energy consumption to bring a room from 10C to 21C
  • Responsive reaction to incidental heat gains
  • Integral electronic thermostatic control providing automatic control over fan speed output and room temperature stability.
  • Optional plug-in 24 hour or 7 day programmers

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