Instantaneous Water Heater - High Volume - 3 Phase - Unvented


DHB-E 18/21/24 Sli - 203866

High volume, 3 phase instantaneous water heater able to service multiple draw-off points at any one time. For example, basins, sinks, baths. 


  • Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
  • 3i technology for maximum energy efficiency and accurate temperature delivery
  • Variable temperature selection
  • Anti-Scalding protection (43C) can be permanently activated.
  • For hard and soft water areas
  • Water & energy savings up to 30%


Rated Outputs (KW) : 11Kw , 18/21/24 Kw(selectable),  27Kw

Height: 478 mm

Width: 225 mm

Depth: 105 mm

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