Instantaneous Water Heater - Electronic - Under/Over Sink - Unvented


DEM 3 Set - 236584

To be used wherever smaller volumes are frequently required, this appliance delivers water at electronically controlled set temperatures without having to overcome long pipe runs. Ideally suited to washbasins, can be mounted undersink or oversink on 230v supply.


  • Electronic Control
  • Accurate temperature delivery up to maximum output
  • Temperature limit adjustable between 30c and 50c approx.
  • For supplying single washbasin with max efficiency
  • No heat losses from pipework
  • Can be used with commercially available taps.

Technical Data

  • Rated Outputs 3.5Kw to 5.7Kw (subject to model)
  • Height : 143mm
  • Width  : 190mm
  • Depth  :  82mm

Further Information

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