Wiring Centres



EWC-4  4 Zone Wiring Centre 230v
  • Voltage selector for 230v operation
  • Connection for up to 4 room thermostats
  • Central timeswitch terminals
  • Manifold circulating pump terminals
  • Boiler volt free terminals
  • Electrothermic actuator connection (up to 3 per channel)
  • LED indication for boiler/pump operation

EWC-2  8 Zone Wiring Centre 230v

  • Earth continuity terminals integrated as standard
  • 230v live and neutral terminals to allow the connection of a manifold pump to the wiring centre.
  • Separate boiler interlock terminals allow for easy connection of the boiler system, enabling it to be fired whether it requires a 230V supply or a volt-free connection to the boiler terminals via an internal relay.
  • LED indicators show the status of the pump, boiler and power

EWC-1 8 Zone Wiring Centre 230v or 24v

This new generation wiring centre offers a host of features:

  • The built-in on-off switch means that when fault finding, adding new thermostats or electrothermic heads to the centre, work can go ahead safely without the need to isolate the whole system
  • The centre allows centralised time control of up to 8 zones with a single time switch
  • Night setback using a single timeswitch can also be implemented with either live or neutral switching options catered for
  • Earth continuity terminals are integrated as standard, to allow equipment requiring earthing to be connected to the wiring centre
  • Pump live and neutral terminals with a 230V output make it simple to connect a pump to the centre
  • Separate boiler interlock terminals enable the boiler to be fired whether it requires a 230V  supply or a volt-free connection to the boiler terminals
  • With its 50 VA transformer, the 24V version allows up to 16 x 3W electrothermic heads to be controlled
  • Eight wiring channels have been provided with clearly marked terminals and ample room for making connections
  • Four loose ‘cap’ terminals have been provided to enable up to five electrothermic heads to be connected to two of the zone channels - more can be ordered
  • The EWC-1 wiring centre can be used inside manifold cabinets due to its specially protected enclosure rated at IP44
  • The status of the system can be monitored with the LED’s on the front of the casing without the need to open it. They show: - Power On - Boiler On - Pump On - 8 individual channel LED’s showing a call for  heat from the individual thermostats.
  • Cable clamping for multiple cables is included with each centre for quicker and easier cable management



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