Underfloor Heating - Below Ground

In partnership with JK Floorheating we offer the perfect opportunity for underfloor heating to be installed into existing properties without the associated problems of building up from existing floor level (overboard system) or where digging up existing screed bed is not viable.


Using a specially designed and patented floor grinder and without creating any dust, grooves are created in the existing surface into which heating pipes are inserted. The specially constructed diamond grinding disc can be applied to 99% of all floor surfaces making it unneccesary to remove or raise the existing screed.
The system can be applied to all types of subfloor including:-
  • Screed cement
  • Screed anhydrite
  • Concrete
  • Existing Tiles
  • Dry Construction
  • XPS panels
  • Sandwich Panels

Price includes grinding out the grooves and installing 14mm pex pipe to manifold (s) .... (pipe and manifold included in price)

Pricing is based on area (m2) and manifold ports required per room

For example installation of UFH in three separate rooms as follows:-

  • Room 1 - Kitchen                 25m2            3 ports
  • Room 2 - Living Room         32m2            3 ports
  • Room 3 - Study                    18m2            2 ports

                    Total Area                  75m2             8 ports

If you are doing a single room, the area and number of ports can be taken straight from the price list.

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