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aroTHERM is Vaillant's second generation air to water heat pump. With a nominal output range of between 5 and 15Kw, we supply the aroTHERM in kit form with :-
  • Heat Pump (5,8,11 or 15kw)
  • 40 Litre Buffer Tank
  • Mounting Feet
  • Flexihose
  • VRC700(f) Wireless Controller

Key Features and benefits

  • Ability to cascade up to 7 aroTHERM heat pumps
  • Compact sizing for easy siting
  • High efficiency pump
  • Quiet operation
  • Blue fin coated evaporator with anti-hydro coating for extra protection against corrosion

Technical Data Sheet ( CLICK HERE)

Vaillant Domestic Hot Water Options (CLICK HERE)


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