Vitocal 350-G Domestic High Temperature Heat Pump - Three Phase


350g 7.3kw

The 350-G three phase heat pump is a high temperature (up to 70C) ground source heat pump that can be used as a single heat pump in low output (domestic type) application. The advantage with the 350-G is that it will supply a hot enough temperature to the domestic hot water cylinder without needing an immersion or back up heater to carry out legionella cycles. It can also be used in retro-fit situations where an existing radiator system was originally sized for higher flow temperature i.e oil boiler.
Sets include:-
  • Vitocal 350 ground source heat pump (s) * 3 Phase *
  • Up to 70C Flow Temperature
  • 7.3kw output
  • Safety Block 
  • Cylinder / Buffer temperature sensors
  • Brine module with 2 Ball Cocks
  • Ground pressure switch
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Brine Pump
  • Primary sensor well kit
  • In line electric heater
  • Heat circulation pump 

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